Submit Your Url and Sitemap To Search Engines
SEO Process #1: Submit Your Url And Sitemap to Search Engines
May 26, 2018
Keyword Research Techniques
Keyword Research Techniques: Free Tools And On-Page Optimization
June 25, 2018

Amazon Keywords Research: Top 5 Tools to Boost Your Sales

Amazon being one of the largest search engines in the world for eCommerce and products is a good platform for you to market your products and generate more sales and revenue. But you must make sure that you do all you can to get a customer’s trust. To do this, it is important to begin to understand the needs of the next customers.

Why most sellers don’t succeed is that they fail to understand is that in such a competitive eCommerce environment as we have today, it’s not enough to just place your products on a market such as Amazon and wait for sales. The question of keyword research is important when selling your product on Amazon. Take time to take into account the importance of keywords in your products so as to increase your sales by placing your products on most browsers, and more importantly, search queries.

Let’s take a good look at some of the top 5 best Amazon keywords research tools currently available!

1. Sonar Tool ( Plus Chrome Extension)

Sonar is a free Amazon keyword tool developed by Sellics. It utilizes complex algorithms to collect keywords used by Amazon shoppers and offers a free Reverse ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) tool, and importantly you also have the ability to sort your keywords by Amazon search volume on Sonar.

2. Tool

With , you can can get keyword searches specific for Amazon (as well as Bing, YouTube and more) by just entering a keyword and then get a list of related search terms that your target audience is searching for. The only glitch is that sellers who need more advanced options should try using Keyword Tool Pro for Amazon. .

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner one of the best tool for startup and pro Amazon marketers. With a free tool that will search show you an estimated search volume and competitiveness of any relevant keyword, it also enables you to create online ads for your products.

4. Keyword Tool Dominator (Chrome Extension)

This google chrome addon on will be more effective at targeting Long-Tail phrases or keywords for sales of products on Amazon as it provides access to autocomplete databases from Amazon, Google, Bing, and YouTube.

5. Amasuite (PC and Mac Software)

Amasuite 5 uncovers the products & keywords that will make you money on Amazon

  • Top Product Analyzer
  • Search Analyzer
  • Keyword Generator
  • Review Inspector
  • Ali Inspector – AliExpress Product Research Software (Bonus)

What I love about this package is that it comes with more powerful features than ever before!

– It can be used to extract and analyze all the top 100 categories from the US and UK Amazon sites, extract and analyze products from Amazon for any given search keyword.

– For product reviews and to analyze the benefits and problems of the products, giving you the ability to come up with 100’s of private label product ideas to sell on amazon.

– It extracts the exact keywords people are searching for right now by using four of the major online eCommerce websites in the world!

What more? The package costs $197 but guess what buddy! There is “4-Pay Option” Make 4 payments of $67 (1 month apart each). This is amazing… Click HERE to get started.

Final Words

With these few Amazon Keywords research tools, I believe you will able to generate that income you desire from your products and say goodbye to poor sales, feel free to drop your comments and recommendations or contact our support team.

Amasuite 5 - Ultimate Research Software for Amazon Sellers and Amazon Affiliates

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