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October 9, 2018

Affiliate marketing programs is the ideal way to earn more money and start a business at home, it does not require a lot of money to start and does not have an inventory of products, stocks or shipments or provides services. Basically, you are payed to recommend new customers and customers to other online companies.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to make money through Affiliate marketing programs? Affiliate marketing is one of the largest and most popular methods for easy and legal earning on the Internet. It has also become the main source of income for many entrepreneurs, online bloggers, webmasters and firms.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It can be said that Affiliate Marketing is a program designed for online marketers who wish to earn money directly from their home.

These are simply people who buy a product or service in exchange for a commission from the merchant, the seller of the product or the service provider.

Financial services companies, such as insurance companies, banks and asset managers, have been using it for decades to develop their businesses. You can call your affiliate marketers and call the commission, performance bonuses.

In short, affiliate marketing is a multi-million dollar industry that is by far the best way to monetize your website or blog.

Currently, it is presented as one of the largest online businesses in the world. His power is indisputable: you can gain a lot.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Programs Work?

For me, doing affiliate marketing is as easy as breakfast – hahaha, what do I mean? Affiliate marketing can be approached using two different methods: online methods and offline methods, but the most effective marketers use Internet technologies.

To run affiliate marketing, you need a merchant or a company that offers affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing program opportunities. Just visit the company’s website and look for a link that says: Affiliates, Collaborators, Associates, Make Money or Earn Money.

You can also search your business name for Google, and then the affiliate word. For example,Konga Affiliate or “Jumia Affiliate”.

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konga affiliate

Now all you need to just do is to Sign Up to these programs and you automatically become eligible to start earning.

Going deeper;

After registering for the affiliate program (directly with the seller or through the affiliate network), you receive promotional material containing a link and / or banner and links.

Your job as an affiliate marketing specialist is to promote these links and banners using a blog, social media pages or online advertisements. These affiliate links lead to the seller’s website and contain a tracking code that lets you know if a potential customer is buying a product from the seller.

The content network offers tracking software that monitors sales and records sales and results. They also deal with your payment. In short, an affiliate network is like an intermediary between sellers and resellers.

When a person clicks on a promoted link, the signal is sent to the affiliate program’s server, informing them of the visit, and a small piece of code called a cookie is stored on the computer or mobile device of the affiliate program. user.

This cookie contains a self-destruct timer. The cookie will remain active on the customer’s device until the countdown is zero after deleting the cookie file. As long as the cookie file remains active, it depends on the affiliate program.

Look at these examples

Suppose you are a member of the Konga Affiliate Program and you share their link with friends on Facebook. If one of them clicks on your link, a cookie whose time is 20 days is stored on his device.

If the prospect buys 15 days after the first click, the cookie will still be active (5 days before the deadline). The sale will be associated with you and you will receive a commission on the product purchased, whether or not the same product that you have promoted.

Suppose, however, that the scenario is the same as above, but in this case, the prospect waits 25 days before the purchase (i.e 5 days after the expiration of the cookie). Your cookie is gone, the sale can not be linked to you. No commission for you in this case.

So, as I mentioned later in this article, the wait time associated with cookies is one of the things to consider when choosing an affiliate program. Choose an affiliate program that gives you a reasonable time to sell.

Once you reach the payment limit of the affiliate program or affiliate network, you will be eligible for payment in accordance with the program payment cycle.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs For Nigerians

Here are some of the best Affiliate Marketing Programs to leverage if you are in Nigeria

  • Jumia Affiliate Program
  • TravelStart Affiliate Program
  • Konga Affiliate Program
  • AliExpress Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • Gearbest Affiliate Program
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • HostGator Affiliate Program

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here are some of the best Affiliate Marketing Programs you can join now:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • AliExpress Affiliate Program
  • Gearbest Affiliate Program
  • ClickBank Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • EBay Affiliate Program
  • HostGator Affiliate Program
  • Warrior Plus Affiliate Program
  • Aweber Affiliate Program
  • SEMRush Affiliate Program

Top Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks offer hundreds of affiliate marketing programs in one place. Therefore, instead of following numerous individual programs, you can register in an affiliate network and access numerous affiliate marketing programs. These are some of your best options:

  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formally Commission Junction)
  • ShareAsale
  • VigiLinks
  • Skimlinks
  • Affiliate Window
  • Avangate
  • LinkConnector
  • Rakuten LinkShare
  • FlexOffers

How To Choose An Affiliate Program Wisely

Thousands of affiliate programs of merchants and online stores are committed to paying sales commissions. Although some are scams, many are true.

Because merchants know through the affiliate program, if they do not sell, they do not need to pay for marketing, they find that affiliate marketing is a convenient and convenient form of marketing.

Care must be taken when choosing an affiliate marketing plan. Do not choose a marketing plan just because it promises a high commission, do not forget that you can only receive a payment if you sell your product successfully.

Put these questions into consideration when choosing an Affiliate Marketing Program;

How reliable is the Affiliate Program (Reputation)?

Choose an affiliate marketing plan with a reliable system. The systems that track orders and sales must be reliable. Are they paying on time? What is the quality of your services? Search the Internet for news and comments about the companies you want to participate in and check if they have positive or negative promotions. When you choose to join the affiliate program, start with a reliable merchant. This makes your job easier because all you have to do is give some suggestions. Their good reputation will make people believe that they are enough to buy, which will provide you with more sales.

Can I Sell the Product or Service?

If you do not know the product well, you will find it difficult to convince others to buy it.
When choosing an affiliate marketing plan, choose to sell products and services that can be successfully promoted online. If you have an existing website or audience platform (such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), you should choose a marketing plan in which the member has a product or service that attracts the audience.

What is the Commission Structure?

One thing to pay attention to is whether the commission is a single commission, a recurring commission or residual commission.

A single commission means that you can only win once per purchase, even if the potential customer purchases it again in the future with the help of an affiliate link or will pay for the current use of the product or service, such as in the case of a subscription .

Recurring commission means that you can earn as many times as you bring to the buyer.

The residual commission usually occurs with some affiliate programs based on subscriptions. You earn a commission while the paid payment still pays for the subscription. Sometimes it can last indefinitely or within a certain period of time, for example, 6 months or 1 year.

What is the Cookie Timeout?

As I explained earlier, the time limit for cookies determines how much time has elapsed since you first pointed a lead to an affiliate merchant’s website which is very crucial in the process of earning your own commission.

The time limit for cookies can be 24 hours, a week, two weeks, 30 days or up to 90 days or even more, so choose wisely.

Does the Program support my Country?

While most affiliate marketing programs are compatible with countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and European countries, some affiliate programs may not be compatible with Nigeria or certain countries in Africa and Asia. Therefore, when selecting an affiliate program, choose a plan that is compatible with your country.

What Promotion Channels are Permitted?

It is also a good idea to discover several ways in which the affiliate program allows you to promote your products. Some may prohibit advertising on search engines such as Google, others may disapprove of the use of social networks.

In some cases, they can not completely ban advertising from search engines, but in others, they may not allow you to compete for certain keywords in your search advertising campaign.

When will you get paid?

This is the very key part i must confess, before signing up, always confirm the payment procedure for an affiliate program. You should ask questions like

How often can you receive the payment (weekly, monthly, every two weeks)?
What is the minimum balance that you must accumulate before being paid (minimum payment amount or payment threshold)?
What is the payment cycle? that is, when the sales accounting is blocked and how long you will receive the payment for the blocked sale.

A good place to start when you visit an affiliate website is the frequently asked questions page. A good FAQ will answer all the questions listed here and more.

Tips To A Successful Affiliate Marketing

Be authentic

Recommend only good quality products and services. Do not sell a product too much or lie because people buy. Just present the facts in a convincing way.

Deceiving the public will lead to a breakdown of trust, which is very negative for the success of your affiliate marketing. Being authentic will increase trust and help you build your reputation.

Be contextual

One way to be successful in affiliate marketing is to make sure that the promotions you share are relevant to your content and your audience. The promotion of phones on a page on how to buy a phone will have more conversions than on a page on how to buy a clothe.

Make sure the affiliate ads you are promoting match the content.

In the same way, share your promotions on the relevant pages of social networks, groups, YouTube channels, etc.

Use deep links

Affiliate marketing programs usually offer links and banners to make it easier for you to start promoting your products and services. The problem with these promotional materials is that they usually indicate the home page or a category page, which is generally too general.

For best results, use the direct linking tool (offered by most valid affiliate programs) to indicate the exact product or service you want to promote. This is also in the spirit of the first tip (being contextual). The deep link tool will allow you to convert any product link from the merchant’s website to an affiliate link. You could also use tools like Thirsty Affiliates if you are on WordPress!

Traffic is important and targeted traffic is best

Do not focus too much on unprocessed traffic, as 100 visits from a targeted traffic source, such as research, generally exceed 1000 visits from a viral traffic source. With affiliate marketing, the public’s intention to get involved with content is important.

To be successful with affiliate marketing, make sure your content is seen more by people who are planning to buy.

Follow your performance

Do not do blind affiliate marketing. Discover the types of products to which people respond and offer more or less the same thing. Most good affiliate networks will offer comments on products sold or at least the category.

Sometimes, visitors may be looking for products on your website that they currently do not cover. Knowing these blanks of content opens up new revenue opportunities for you.

Use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to keep track of content gaps and, when you find them, create great content to satisfy your visitors.

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How Can You Publicize Your Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Publicity concept

You can promote affiliate marketing products and services by using multiple affiliate marketing channels. You can use your website or blog. You can also use social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinetrest and Twitter.

You can buy traffic from sources like Google, Facebook and YouTube. Part of the campaign could also include email marketing through the sales path.

Below, are list all the channels that you can use to promote the products and services of your affiliate marketing program.

  • Website or blog
  • Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp)
  • Ads in search engines (Google, YouTube, Bing)
  • Ads on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Email marketing

Now go on to take action and get paid via Affiliate Marketing Programs easily.

Feel free to Share and ask you Questions and I will reply as soon as I can.

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